Diabetes and Endocrine Center

Diabetes and
Endocrine Center

Diabetes and Endocrine Center

Prevention and Treatment

Programs and Education for Managing Type I & Type 2 Diabetes

Because diabetes has no known cure, knowing how to control the disease is essential to remaining healthy. Diabetes experts agree that education is a key component in the prevention and treatment of diabetes, and programs should be tailored to meet the needs of the individual, the family, health care providers and interested members of the community.

We’re Experts on Treating Diabetes-Related Complications

Diabetes is a complex disease that can lead to additional medical complications. We work closely with network specialists to care for related conditions such as heart disease, thyroid disorders, and vision and foot care.

Frisbie Memorial Hospital is a full service medical center in Rochester, NH, that provides expert medical care using advanced, cutting-edge technology to diagnose and treat patients with acute and chronic health conditions. In addition, Frisbie has access to nearly thirty specialty care services so patients can be close to their healthcare specialists. Call (603) 332-5211.

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Diabetes & Endocrine Center

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