Filing a Patient Concern

Patient Instructions

1. If you have a concern during your hospital stay,

you are encouraged to speak with the department manager or designee.

2. If you prefer to write a letter, please address it to:

Risk Management Department

11 Whitehall Road
Rochester, NH 03867

3. You can call the Frisbie Memorial Hospital Patient Concern Line

at (603) 330-7939. Your call will be answered the next business day. All inpatient messages will be referred to the department manager for follow-up and resolution.

4. If we are unable to immediately address your concern,

we will respond to you in writing within 7 days of receiving the complaint. When resolution cannot be achieved within the 7-day timeframe, you will receive a second letter that addresses your concern. To assure that we have exhausted all reasonable efforts to address your complaint, your file will remain open for an additional 30 days beyond the date of the resolution letter in order to accommodate any further inquiries.

5. Patient/Family concerns may also be addressed to:

NH Dept. of Health and Human Services

Office of Program Support
Bureau of Health Facilities Administration
129 Pleasant Street
Concord, NH 03301
800-852-3345 x 4592 or 603-271-4592
TDD Access 800-735-2964