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Speech-Language Pathology

Speech and Language Development - Pediatrics: Speech-Language Pathologists evaluate and treat developmental speech and language disorders. Our pathologists work with children to improve pediatric language, including reading, writing, articulation, language learning disability, and feeding disorders (dysphagia). If needed, the patient is instructed in usage of an augmentative communication device, i.e. communication board.

Speech and Language Disorders - Adults: Comprehensive Voice Therapy Program treats cognitive-communication disorders, including, but not limited to, voice nodules, post-stroke voice rehabilitation, dysarthria, and aphasia.

Voice Therapy: Voice Therapy involves using methods to modify vocal behaviors and eliminate voice misuse, manage voice disorders non-surgically, and allow for improved voice use. We provide a thorough evaluation of the vocal folds in conjunction with ear, nose, and throat specialists and assessment of the functional use of the voice. We then provide vocal hygiene principles, specific therapeutic exercises, and education to apply voice principles in daily speaking.

Dysarthria: Dysarthria is a communication disorder resulting from stroke or brain injury leaving the musculature weak and with slow or no movement. Our skilled therapists work to improve a patient's communication abilities through treatment, including exercises to increase strength of musculature, improve breath support, or improve articulation.

Laphasia: Laphasia is a disorder that results from damage to the language centers of the brain; the most common cause is stroke. Speech-Language Pathologists work to restore fluency, strength and coordination of speech muscles, and understanding of the many nuances of speech, language, and communication.

Swallowing (Dysphagia): Dysphagia is evaluated by observing feeding to see posture, behavior and oral movements during eating and drinking. Speech Pathologists may utilize video fluoroscopy to evaluate swallowing, and treat dysphagia using exercises, positions or strategies to help the patient swallow more effectively. They may also recommend specific food and liquid intake that are easier and safer for the patient to swallow.

Fiberoptic Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing (FEES): FEES is a procedure that allows for the direct viewing and full evaluation of swallowing when regular food materials are eaten. Our Speech-Language Pathologists use the information gathered to identify functional abnormalities that may occur and develop a plan of care to help determine the safest position and food texture for the patient.

Video Fluoroscopy: is used to evaluate swallowing disorders, make specific functional diagnosis, and provide eating recommendations.

Vital Stim: is an electrical stimulation device used in the treatment of dysphagia. The treatment is aimed at regaining control of the muscles that are affected by central nervous system disorders resulting in dysphagia.

Head and Neck Cancer: Swallowing dysfunction can also occur after treatment for head and neck cancer. Speech-Language Pathologists utilize the most advanced treatments for rehabilitation after head and neck cancer.

Laryngectomy: the removal of the voice box is usually due to cancer. After surgery, because the larynx protects the airway during swallowing and contains the vocal chords, a person must use a new way of breathing and a new sound source for speech. Speech-Language Pathologists evaluate different factors before and after laryngectomy to determine an appropriate plan of care, including providing the appropriate new source of speech for the patient.

Speech Rehabilitation Services Locations:

Rehabilitation Services at Frisbie Memorial Hospital
South Main Street Campus
95 South Main Street
Rochester, NH
Hours: Monday through Friday; 6:30 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Conveniently located in downtown Rochester, the building features easy access to parking.
(603) 330-8952

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