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July 10, 2019

It’s picnic and barbecue season! This month, Frisbie dietitians share the benefits of choosing local foods and resources to help you find out what is growing fresh in a field near you so you can add farm fresh foods to your next barbecue or picnic.

Why Choose Farm Fresh & Local Foods?

Local foods may have more nutrients as the nutrients have had less time in storage to degrade. Researchers have found that season affects nutrient content more than other variables, such as whether produce has been growing using organic versus conventional methods. With fewer steps between farm and table, there are less opportunities for microbial contamination to occur during transport and storage (always follow food safety guidelines). Spending your food dollars close to home means that money is reinvested into local farms and businesses. By choosing local, you are helping the health of your community.

Local Food Locator Resources

Seacoast Eat Local – Use the year-round Seacoast Harvest Guide to find farms and farmers’ markets.

Seasonal Food Guide – Download the app for the on-the-go access to their database and find produce that is in season (search by month) throughout the year.

MyPlate, MyState – MyPlate provides a breakdown of locally produced foods organized by food group. This can help you build balanced meals with locally grown foods.

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