Functional Skills Assessment

Have you noticed any of the following behavioral changes with an aging loved one:

  • Struggling with medications or money management
  • Memory loss, confusion, or difficulty understanding information
  • Making repeated mistakes with familiar tasks
  • Driving difficulties i.e. getting lost or not being able to remember where the car is parked

If so, we can help. Occupational Therapy at Frisbie Memorial Hospital offers a functional skills assessment to determine a person’s ability to function and the appropriate amount of support they may need.

Our occupational therapists assess the basic skills we use in daily life for money and medication management, leisure activities, self care, household chores, general home safety, as well as driving, if needed. This includes assessing:

  • Memory and attention
  • Insight and judgment
  • Planning and problem solving

We offer training with the patient and family to improve their safety and enhance quality of life.

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