CT Scans


Computerized Tomography

Computerized Tomography (CT) is an X-ray test that generates a detailed view of the anatomy or structure of organs and tissues in the body. The CT scan can show the dimension of vessels, lymph nodes and organ systems.

Frisbie’s Revolution EVO CT scanner is powered by intelligent technology, including its signature clarity imaging system, ASiR-V, designed to help clinicians acquire high-quality images using lower doses of radiation – up to 82 percent less than earlier models – contributing to more confident diagnoses at lower exposures for patients. What’s more, Revolution EVO is designed to deliver more efficient, personalized care allowing for rapid and comprehensive assessments for complex trauma or stroke, as well as making possible high-quality imaging of the whole heart in just five heartbeats, or whole abdomen and pelvic region in as little as three seconds. With Revolution EVO, because high-quality images are acquired in less time, patients can expect a better overall experience with increased comfort due to less time spent on the table.

Lung Cancer Screening Program

Frisbie Memorial Hospital’s Lung Cancer Screening Program aims to detect early stage lung cancer in high risk patients. When detected early, patients have more treatment options and a far greater chance of survival. The Lung Cancer Screening Program streamlines the process of diagnosing, using low-dose CT technology—the Revolution EVO CT scanner—and treating cancer through a multidisciplinary approach, which includes a team of medical specialists specializing in the areas of thoracic surgery, radiation oncology, pulmonology, pathology, and radiology.

Virtual Colonoscopy

Frisbie uses low-dose CT scanning as a follow-up tool for screening colorectal cancer. This procedure does not replace the effective and most reliable colorectal cancer screening tool, which is the colonoscopy, but rather it is utilized as a means to obtain additional images of the colon and rectum.



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