Childbirth Education

We provide extensive support to Frisbie moms and their families throughout the pregnancy and after the birth of the child. Through our comprehensive childbirth education classes you will learn the skills needed to care for both yourself and your newborn baby.

Childbirth Classes

Our specially-trained childbirth educators are dedicated to bringing quality maternal education to moms. We offer to all Frisbie moms a range of prenatal and postpartum education programs. Registration is required for all classes and Birthing Center tours. For more information please call (603) 335-8180.

Getting Ready for Childbirth

Cost: $80 per couple

Plan to start this class at the end of your 6th month to 7th month of pregnancy. This one-day Saturday class includes a tour of the birthing center and will cover the following topics:

  • Breathing techniques during labor
  • Positioning during labor
  • Relaxation and massage techniques
  • Preparing for the arrival of your newborn baby

Getting Ready for Childbirth: Register here

Hypnobirthing (six-week series)

Cost: $150

Frisbie Memorial was one of the first hospitals in New England to offer Hypnobirthing classes. Hypnobirthing is a unique method that helps minimize fear, tension and pain during labor so that you experience a safer, easier and more comfortable birthing experience. In six classes, you will learn relaxation and self-hypnosis techniques to:

  • Eliminate the fear-tension syndrome before, during and after giving birth
  • Eliminate, or greatly reduce, the need for pain medication
  • Shorten the first stage of labor
  • Decrease fatigue during labor
  • Promote special bonding between you, your baby and your birthing companion
  • Create an integral role for the birthing companion

Hypnobirthing: For class dates call (603) 335-8180

Planned Cesarean Birth

Cost: $25

This one-time class may be taken in conjunction with the Prepared Childbirth Series. This class will help you and your birthing companion prepare for surgery and learn about the birthing partner’s role, provide information about anesthesia options, relaxation techniques, and what to expect before, during and after surgery.

Planned Cesarean Birth: Register here

Childbirth Refresher Class

Cost: $25

This class is a review of labor and the birth process for parents with previous birthing experience.

Childbirth Refresher Class: For class dates call (603) 335-8180

Breastfeeding Classes

Breastfeeding provides many benefits to both babies and moms. We encourage all new moms to breastfeed their newborn baby. Our Certified Lactation Consultants will teach you what you need to get started with breastfeeding, providing support and encouragement during your hospital stay and when you return home after discharge. For more information about breastfeeding, visit Breastfeeding and Newborn Care Resources.

Prenatal Breastfeeding Class

Cost: Free

Class topics covered include:

  • Benefits of breastfeeding
  • Importance of exclusive breastfeeding
  • Importance of early skin-to-skin contact
  • Importance of colostrum
  • Importance of early initiation of breastfeeding within the first hour(s) of birth
  • Rooming in with baby
  • Importance of rest, supply and demand
  • Breast-pumping and returning to work

Prenatal Breastfeeding Class: Register here

Newborn Care

This class will provide you with information and the skills you need to care for your newborn. Grandparents and other caregivers are welcome to attend.

Newborn Care Class

Cost: $25

Learn the skills you need to care for your newborn at home. Topics include:

  • Preparing for your new baby
  • Your baby’s care at birth
  • Newborn appearance and characteristics
  • Getting to know your newborn
  • Keeping your baby safe, safe sleep and tummy time
  • Feeding your newborn, bathing baby, and baby basics
  • Car seat and infant CPR information and resources
  • Growth and development and pediatrician care
  • Frisbie’s newborn & mom/dad support group
  • Learn how to turn on a baby’s “calming reflex” using five simple steps (swaddle, sway, side/stomach holding, and suck). Using dolls, you will practice dressing, diapering, swaddling, safe sleep and bathing your baby.

Newborn Care Class: Register here

Other Classes, Groups, and Birth Center Tours

The following are offered to Frisbie parents free of charge. Registration is required.

Newborn Baby & Moms/Dads Group

Our goal is to provide continuing support, encouragement and advice to new parents of newborn babies (up to 8 months of age). A board certified lactation consultant/RN is present to answer your questions. Discussion topics include breastfeeding problems/concerns, newborn care, coping strategies and more. Pregnant moms are invited to attend. Parents with toddlers are encouraged to bring quiet toys/books for their child’s entertainment. Guest speakers include pediatricians, dietitians, dental hygienist, experienced moms and more.

Newborn Baby & Moms/Dads Group: No registration required

Baby Massage

Learn how to soothe your baby with baby massage. Massage helps infants to relax, calms colicky babies, helps infants sleep longer and encourages bonding.

Baby Massage: Register here

Birthing Center Tour

We encourage you to schedule a visit to our birthing center early on in your pregnancy to learn about the birthing experience at Frisbie Memorial Hospital.

Birthing Center Tour: Register here

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