What’s New: MHealth app

Introducing the new My Frisbie CONNECT MHealth app!


MHealth – the mobile app gateway to the MEDITECH Patient and Consumer Health Portal, My Frisbie CONNECT – is now available for free through the Apple Store or Google Play.

MHealth provides secure, convenient access to your health information via your mobile device or tablet. You can use the app to review upcoming appointments, request new appointments, check test results, securely message providers, manage home medications, request prescription renewals, view discharge instructions, and more.

Key Features

MHealth makes it easy for you to connect to your My Frisbie CONNECT account:

  • Communicate securely with your care team
  • Request new appointments and see details for upcoming visits
  • Pre-register for upcoming appointments
  • Review laboratory results and radiology reports
  • Track immunizations, allergies, and conditions
  • Manage home medications and request prescription renewals
  • Reference visit history information and forms, including discharge instructions

MHealth FAQs

What is MHealth?
MHealth is a mobile application that allows you to access your My Frisbie CONNECT health information from your smartphone or tablet.

What software (mobile operating system) version does MHealth support?
In order to have the most optimal patient experience, mobile devices need to be iOS 10+ or Android 5+.

How much does it cost?
The app is free.

How can I sign up?
To download the MHealth app, visit the Apple Store or Google Play. Use your existing Patient Portal logon ID and password to get started with MHealth.

MEDITECH is a healthcare software company that provides an electronic health record (EHR) system to your healthcare providers. The health information in your My Frisbie CONNECT personal account comes from this EHR. MEDITECH also powers your access to My Frisbie CONNECT from a mobile device via the MHealth app.


Instructions on how to download the MHealth App:

  1. Once you have enrolled in My Frisbie CONNECT from your computer and created your personal account, visit the app store (Apple Store or Google Play) to download the free MEDITECH MHealth app. From the app store (Apple Store or Google Play) type MEDITECH MHealth in the search field, then click to install. Once installed, open the ‘MEDITECH MHealth’ app. A pop-up message will appear requesting access to your location services (Mobile Device Setting Tip: Make sure the Location Services is set to ‘On”.) Select ‘Yes’.
  2. Click on the MEDITECH MHealth app. Choose ‘My Frisbie CONNECT’
  3. Click on ‘My Frisbie CONNECT’ to log on.
  4. From the Home screen menu, you can access all of your health information

My Frisbie CONNECT MHealth App Download Instructions

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