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Frisbie Memorial Hospital believes that providing meaningful information about hospital services and outpatient pricing estimates helps patients make more informed decisions about their health and health care options. We have provided pricing estimates for our most common outpatient services along with useful information about hospital charges you can expect to see on your bill.

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Frisbie Memorial Hospital makes no guarantees regarding the accuracy of the pricing information provided herein. The pricing information provided by this website is strictly an estimate of prices, and Frisbie Memorial Hospital cannot guarantee the accuracy of any estimates. All estimates are based on information provided by a prospective patient and do not include, among other things, any unforeseen complications, additional tests or procedures, and non-hospital related charges, any of which may increase the ultimate cost of the services provided. Any prospective patient should understand that a final bill for services rendered at Frisbie Memorial Hospital may differ substantially from the information provided by this website, and Frisbie Memorial Hospital shall not be liable for any inaccuracies.

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