Connecting via an Application

What are APIs?

APIs, or application programming interfaces, are used by patients and healthcare providers to exchange health information. Using APIs as part of the electronic health records systems, or EHRs, can make it easier for patients to get and share important health information. APIs can also connect your health information from multiple healthcare providers into one location.

Educational Videos about APIs

Real-World Patient API Scenario

A Patient’s Journey: Application Program Interface (API)

How do I use an API?

Before downloading the API of your choice, your must be enrolled in My Frisbie CONNECT patient portal. Your account log in information will allow you to connect to your data from Frisbie Memorial Hospital.

Note: To ensure that the information in the API is up-to-date, you must retrieve your health data after each provider visit. The API will be up-to-date as of your last appointment. Any changes to your health data between appointments will not be reflected in the API. Please reference your application’s instructions on how to retrieve health data.

Liability: By providing your My Frisbie CONNECT patient portal credentials (log in information) to an application, you assume the liability of providing your health data to the application.

Available Applications

Currently Available: N/A
Coming Soon: My Links
Under Review: Apple Health
Not Available: N/A

Requesting a New Application

If you wish to request an application not listed above, complete the form below.

The Frisbie team will review the Request for the New Application to see if it meets the required specifications. If the application meets the required specifications, the Frisbie team will work with the application vendor to establish a connection to Frisbie’s EHR.

The time frame from when you request a new application to when that application becomes available for connection varies. Please check back frequently for updates.

  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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